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Recognized as a great fresh salsa that was introduced over
25 years ago by Mr. Oscar Robledo.

Oscar acquired his famous salsa from his ancestral family roots from Mexico and developed it to its finest taste that is recognized today throughout San Diego County, and the Southwest.

Previously known as Maria’s Salsa, his business was sold
15 years ago, and Oscar semi retired. After leaving the salsa business for a brief time, Oscar decided to come out of his retirement and open a new Salsa Factory. The new Oscar’s Salsa has been in business the past twelve years.
Oscar wanted to share the latest tastes and aromas of his Hispanic culture for everyone to experience. He is proud to say his salsa is delivered fresh to all his customers.
The special salsa is tasteful, spicy, and with the full embodiment of what a delicious salsa needs.

Oscar has made a commitment to expand throughout the United States and Mexico, sending a message to all his customers that his salsa is the best.

New partners, Chedid “Dido” Sawaya, and Mike Abdelnour, are working with Oscar to expand the products into homes, restaurants, and establishments throughout the country. As a team, “Los Tres Salceros”, have formed a strong, transparent bond, to make this journey a success.

Oscar’s Original Homemade Salsa... Salsa “Like Mama Made”